2016 Flavio Moriniello – Milano Dualism


Milano Dualismi – Flavio Moriniello

The 20 pictures displayed in this show by the Milan born artist Flavio Moriniello are a selection out of the photo project “Dualism”. They are portraits of the town in which Moriniello used to live and work for the last couple of years. It is his personal approach trying to describe the ambivalence of the different places of Milan. For this reason Moriniello used the photographic technique of the “Double Exposure” to express both: the concrete, realistic and the descriptive side of different mainly architectural objects like palaces, churches, monuments, statues but also certain peculiarities typical for the capital of the Lombardy. Occasionally you might get the impression that the photographs are somehow depicted in the manner of “cubism”, trying to show more than only one side of a cause.
In each shot Moriniello took account of the city´s beauty and harmony, but also its unpleasantness and confusion. You can find contrasts such as interior and exterior, still and moving, light and shadow, nature and artifice, order and chaos, truth and fiction, ubiquity and spatial distance, the obvious and the mysterious…
The intention of the artist is best described by the following quote of the writer Hermann Hesse: “I would like to find an expression for duality… to write chapters and sentences where melody and counter-melody are always simultaneously present, where unity stands beside every multiplicity, seriousness beside every joke. For me, life consists simply in this, the fluctuate between two poles. I would gladly to show the blessed diversity of the world and also always remember that, to the bottom of this variety, there is unity.”

Text by Lucas Cuturi