2016 Silvia Czepl – Movie Box

© Silvia_Czepl, Movie Box # 1 2015 Fotografie Objekt
© Silvia Czepl, Movie Box # 1, 2015, Photography, Object

As part of “eyes on”, the project space Lucas Cuturi shows works by Silvia Czepl.

Opening on 03.November at 19:00 hrs

Silvia Czepl uses found footage in her works, which she searches and finds mainly at flea markets. For the series Movie Box, she used black and white photographs showing snapshots and portraits of people she does not know. Her main focus in selecting the photographs was on a pose, an impressive look, or a suggested movement.

Based on these anonymous images from the first half of the 20th century and stimulated by the behavior (or non-behavior) of the persons depicted, the artist now intervened in the events in the picture by changing their meaning through subtle mechanical interventions. For this purpose, she had at her disposal a conglomeration of things and specially constructed mechanisms.

Her interventions are always carefully thought through, so as not to be too intrusive. In this way, the original image was detached from the familiar context and thus also questions the viewer’s perception. With a dash of irony, Czepl manages to involve the visitors in the events, provided that they actively participate in them. For it is only through interaction that the work as a whole can be experienced. Interactive elements provide the key experience and lead to an understanding of the individual works from the Movie Box series.

Text: Lucas Cuturi

Exhibition period: 4 – 13 November 2016
Opening hours: Friday to Sunday from 15 – 19 p.m.

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