2015 CreArt European Exhibition – 3rd stop – Genoa (IT)

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On the 20th of November there will be the opening of the 3rd stop of this years edition of the CreArt European Exhibition 2015 titled “THE CITY AND ME” in Genoa (IT). The exhibition curated by Lucas Cuturi will be shown from the 20.11. – 10.01.2016 at 3 different locations: at the Palazzo Ducale, at the Palazzo Bianco and in Villa Croce the Museum of contemporary art in Genoa.

The 1st stop of this years travelling exhibition was be in Pardubice (CZ) from the 30.6. – 30.08.2015 and the 2nd stop was in Linz (AT) from the 16.09. – 30.10.2015

The artworks of the 20 selected artistic positions of this year’s exhibition titled “The city and me”, deal with the life and the problems in different cities all over Europe and beyond. For this purpose the artists covered their own hometowns whereas others reflected on cities to which they have a special relationship, because they stayed there for some time and/or because they live there today. Some of the artists deal with social aspects of the inhabitants by asking questions about their identity and sometimes even dealing with their individual fate whereas others directly discuss their immediate vicinity, the architecture they live in and the life that surrounds them. Also the animal population of a city becomes an issue. One of the principal topics that was picked up by several artists is the effects of the global economic crisis which cities and inhabitants have to face. But also traffic and problems caused by the worldwide environmental pollution are partly put up for artistic discussion. Some of the works also deal with the phenomenon of rural exodus, others highlight historical aspects.

The artistic media that are used, range from video, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture to installation.

List of artists:
Mihai Sălăjan and Sergiu Sas (Arad); Hermano Noronha (Aveiro); Leonard Sherifi and Luca Staccioli (Genoa); Zsolt Iochom (Harghita); Petter Solberg (Kristiansand); Rossella Piccinno (Lecce); Markus Hofer, Martin Sturm and Evalie Wagner & Teresa Fellinger (Linz); Simona Zemaizyte (Kaunas); OffCity Collective, Lukas Hajek and Jan Zdvorak (Pardubice); Belén Rodríguez and Patricia Sandonis (Valladolid); Jonas Anicas (Vilnius); Luiza Margan and Maja Rozman (Zagreb).

Curated by Lucas Cuturi