2015 Bastian Schwind – VORSTUFE

© Bastian Schwind Meer Ausschnitt 2015

The exhibition shows two work series that form the preliminary stage of a series of photographic works created by Bastian Schwind on the occasion of his graduation from the photography class of the University of Applied Arts under the direction of Gabriele Rothemann.
On the one hand, these are the works “Fuge I, II und III”, which formed an analogous, conceptual first step in the development of these works. In this case, Schwind dealt with the subject of erosion in the broadest sense. All types of rock formations are subject to permanent change due to meterological and geodynamic processes. The photographic image now quasi represents a status quo which, through the intervention of the artist, the continuous movement seems to return. The mountains actually move apart again, whereby the resulting joints are filled by the typed word.
In a further step of development, the so-called “typed landscapes”, Schwind transformed the photographic image into a text. For this purpose, the artist creates the photographs word for word from top left to bottom right with one-word descriptions. The analog-typed text and the resulting motif are then photographically translated by means of repro and digital image processing in such a way that another kind of landscape image is created in the form of a word image. “When viewed, the large-format print provokes a game of associations between the word read, one’s own pictorial memories, and habitual viewing habits. (Quote Bastian Schwind)
In the exhibition, however, it is not this photographic end result that can be seen, but the analogue paper sheets typed by a typewriter, i.e. the technical preliminary stage.

Text: Lucas Cuturi

Opening on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at 19:00 hrs

Where: Project space Lucas Cuturi, Neustiftgasse 107/5, 1070 Vienna

Exhibition period 21 October – 29 November 2015

Visits possible by appointment at [email protected]