2015 Wendelin Pressl – Orbis Volubilis

© Wendelin Pressl- Orbis Volubilis
© Wendelin Pressl – Orbis Volubilis

2nd exhibition at the Stadtbüro M. Faber & Co in Hermanngasse 19/1, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Curated by Lucas Cuturi

Vernissage on 09.12.2012 from 19 o’clock

Wendelin Pressl deals with the phenomenon of the world. He shows, not without irony, a strong affinity to the approach of basic scientific research, i.e. that research which does not pursue a specific, nor a commercial purpose, but tries to find generally valid explanations for the processes in the universe. “Basic research is quite a beautiful term – a serious activity without an intentional, immediately usable purpose and yet with meaning – like art somehow… The activity, the doing, respectively the exhibited, the objects are then something like the results of artistic investigations, concerning the world(?)”. (Wendelin Pressl)

Duration of exhibition: 10 December 2015 to 14 January 2016; opening hours: Tue & Thu 15 – 19 h (From 24 December to 06 January the exhibition room will be closed!)

 www.wendelinpressl.com; www.mfaber.at