2014 when black meets white

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In the exhibition “when black meets white” works are on display which are purely built on the formal conditions of the color black and white.
Technically Black is the name given to the condition of a color and brightness perception that occurs in the absence of a visual stimulus. On the other side of the spectrum is White, which arises when it comes to an overstimulation of the three spectrums (red, green and blue) on the retina of the eye, which are responsible for color vision.
In some of the works shown in the exhibition, Black and White are purposely used as the strongest visual contrast there is. At the same time this also serves as an aesthetic or stylistic device for composition and image structure. The exhibition also shows positions dedicated exclusively to one of the two states. The themes and techniques which the exhibited works take on themselves are just as individual as the participating artists and range from drawing, collage, painting, sculpture and video.
Starting points of the different arguments portrayed range from purely formal aesthetic and artistic, to cultural and historical considerations. Furthermore, the phenomena of everyday life and popular culture as well as the immediate social environment and personal experiences of the Artists are processed in the various art works.

Text: Lucas Cuturi

Participating artists / List of artists:
Alexandra Baumgartner, Paul BUSK, Ida Divinzenz, Thomas Draschan, Gerhard Himmer, Doris Theres Hofer, Claudia Larcher, Elena Muti, Roman Pfeffer, Wendelin Pressl, Roland Rauschmeier, Arnold Reinthaler, Franz Riedl, Patrick Schmierer, Charlotte Schnabl, Philipp Schweiger, Lukas Troberg, Walter Vopava, Nives Widauer, Clemens Wolf

curated by / curated by Lucas Cuturi

Opening on 27.11.2014

Exhibition duration: 28.11.2014 – 31.01.2015

Gallery INOPERAbLE, Stiegengasse 2, 1060 Vienna, Austria


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