2014 Laurent Nostitz – STREETS THAT DON’T EXIST.

© Laurent Nostitz 2013 – Streets that don’t exist

Exhibition of works by Viennese photographer Laurent Nostitz on the occasion of the Month of Photography 2014

The series “Streets that don’t exist” is a series of photomontages by the photo artist Laurent Nostitz, in which he is concerned with deconstruction, rearrangement and appropriation.
His works are always dominated by tidiness, sobriety, and order. On the one hand, Nostitz as a quiet, apathetic observer meticulously misses places and spaces; on the other hand, he always makes use of the principle of order as a self-empowering action.
The development process of the individual works is always accompanied by the most precise research. In a first step, Nostitz visits his places to be portrayed and then takes countless photographs of them. The resulting material then serves him as the starting point for a condensation process in which he mounts several photographs of the city views in question above, inside and next to one another. The resulting panoramas are unique. In the respective compositions of these cityscapes, the intended effect of perspective distortion is sometimes created. Among other things, roof lines never converge as much as our viewing habits would dictate. In addition, Nostitz pictures often seem melancholic – caused by emptiness and the lack of any representation of the sky.

Text: Lucas Cuturi

Vernissage on 27 October 2014 from 19 hrs

Exhibition period: 28 October to 29 November 2014

Location: Project room Lucas Cuturi, Neustiftgasse 107/5, 1070 Vienna, Austria