Einladungskarte Bildseite OBSESSION

The exhibition “Obsession” is a joint project of the Galerie Schloss Puchheim and the class TransArts of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
The exhibition shows works that deal with the theme of obsession. If you take a look at the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, you will find the following explanation of the term obsession:
“Obsession (obsession; from Latin obsidere: to claim; to occupy; to besiege; to oppress) is in the colloquial sense a passion (also an intensively pursued hobby). In narrower medical and psychological terms, this is an unpleasant to tormenting obsession with one’s own person, experienced as belonging to one’s own obsession or act.
The approaches of the 13 participants are just as different as these constraints manifest themselves in daily life: Nicoleta Auersperg, Christina Beller, Johanna Fürlinger, Sebastian Gärtner, Maria Grün, Lucia Hofer, Nika Kupyrova, Mara Novak, Jakob Steiner, Céline Struger, Lukas Troberg, Eugen Wist and Marit Wolters.
The different works of the young artists sometimes deal with cause and effect caused by different emotions such as fear, hatred, lust, etc. But also inner compulsions, such as control, delusions of order and other forced states are part of various conflicts.
The exhibition project is curated by Lucas Cuturi.

Exhibition opening on 11 April 2014 at 7 p.m.

Exhibition period: 12 April to 04 May 2014
Gallery Castle Puchheim, Gmundnerstr.1a, 4800 Attnang-Puchheim