2013 Tone Fink – Fischratfüsslerin, Kitzlerbürstig, Augenausmusterungen

Tonebuddhasprung_Eisen, Papmache, Lebensgroß, 1997 foto marianne greber

Tone Fink – Fishratfüsslerin, Kitzlerbürstig, Eye discharge

Opening on Friday 05 July, 2013 19:00 hrs

Introductory words by the curator of the exhibition Lucas Cuturi

Finks preferred material is paper. To quote Peter Weiermair: Tone Fink is THE paper artist in Austria.
Tone Fink’s affinity to the material paper even goes so far – to compare it with human skin. Not without reason it is very similar in many of its properties. Partly smooth but also rough, partly soft but also hard, very thin and translucent – vulnerable but also resistant.
Fink processes the paper in every imaginable way. He describes it, he scribes on it, he paints it, he beats it, tears it down – tears it open and then glues it together again, he chops it up, he cuts it up – in order to later process it with paste as papier-mâché. Tone Fink is a recycler. Not a single piece of paper is safe from him – nor is it lost.
His childhood and youth in the strictly Catholic Vorarlberg of the post-war period is certainly the defining theme. This is consciously and unconsciously treated in all imaginable illustrations by the pictorial philosopher Tone Fink.

Exhibition duration: 06.07. – 31.07.2013
Gallery Kaethe Zwach, Weyregger Straße 11, 4861 Schörfling at the Attersee lake

www.kunstnet.at/zwach/index.html, www.tonefink.at