2018 Twice 6

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The opening takes place on the 30th of September at 11 am

In the anniversary exhibition »Twice 6« on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Angerlehner Museum, as the title suggests, works of a total of twelve artists from the museum’s own collection can be seen in the large exhibition hall.
In alphabetical order these are:
Irene Andessner, Dietmar Brehm, Oliver Dorfer, Astrid Esslinger, Lorenz Estermann, Manfred Hebenstreit, Edgar Honetschläger, Katharina Karner, Bettina Patermo, Elisabeth Plank, Antonia Riederer und Werner Schrödl.

The works are presented according to criteria such as content, technique or the relationship of some artists to each other in such a way that they enter into an open, equal dialogue.

The exhibition was curated by the Austrian art historian Dr. Lucas Cuturi.

Duration: 30. 09. 2018 – 10. 02. 2019
Location: Museum Angerlehner, Ascheterstrasse 54, A–4600 Thalheim bei Wels

Museum Angerlehner