The project “Donauraum – Donautraum” was an exhibition jointly organized by the Vienna-based Galerie Bäckerstrasse4 – Plattform für junge Kunst and the Croatian Artists’ Association (HDLU). The project was initiated by the Austrian Cultural Forum in order to promote cross-border intercultural dialogue between the two countries.
The exhibition dealt with the common living space in Central Europe and also dealt with the topic of urbanity. Building on a common past of the two countries on the one hand and a common living together in an equal, modern Europe on the other hand, the Croatian-Austrian curator team consisting of the Croatian artist Maja Rozman and the Austrian art historian Lucas Cuturi selected the following three positions for the exhibition project:

– Elvis Krstulović (HR)

– Judith Saupper (AT)

– Tonka Maleković (HR)

The exhibition could be seen at the following locations:

– Zagreb (HR) 30.08.2001 – 20.09.2011 (Mestrović Pavillon)
– Vukovar (HR) 27.09.2011 – 15.10. 2011 (Stadtmuseum Vukovar)