2013 Instant Edition # 3 Thomas Reinhold – Pendant

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Presentation and exhibition of the Instant Edition # 3

Thomas Reinhold works in groups of works. He always proceeds in an extremely structured manner and usually prepares study sheets. In these sketches he then deals with the exact sequence, the sequence and the movement of the different colour flows.
On the canvas itself Reinhold often uses a grid pre-drawn with charcoal to create a structure between the respective layers of paint in such a way that a before and after is created. This sometimes creates the impression of a woven fabric in which the colour takes on the role of thread. By rotating the canvas, these threads are then literally woven together. That is why Reinhold works exclusively on the ground. On the wall, according to the artist, he actually only controls the result, since the paintings are also intended for them.
In order to ensure the correct flow of paint, the artist mainly uses oil paints diluted strongly with turpentine, which then dry up matt to strongly shiny depending on the pigment and sometimes show a high degree of transparency. Sometimes he works in a mixed technique with tempera. The resulting colour mixtures are, however, usually thick and opaque. Due to the delayed drying process of the different colour mixtures, the painter usually works on several pictures at the same time.

The working title of this series is “Pendant” – in the sense of a counterpart.
With this series of works, the artist once again attempts to make reference to the process of perception itself. Namely, precisely at that moment when billions of associations flow into the viewer in a matter of seconds.
During his painting process, however, he always tries to eliminate concrete associations such as grimaces and heads. Reinhold: “I rework figurations that have arisen especially by chance, that seem too trivial to me and that I simply don’t want to have, but then I also consciously leave them standing.
Thomas Reinhold does not speak of his art as abstract painting, but as “non-representational art”, since abstraction for him always means a symbolic reduction. It’s not that he rejects the term “abstract”, yet for him it’s simply something different than what he does. For this reason, he has also considered a counterpart: “Because basically the viewers make the art. The artists themselves produce something, but in the end it only becomes art in the minds of the recipients. Quote Reinhold.

Text: Lucas Cuturi

Opening on 06.06.2013 at 19:00h
Duration 07.06. – 30.06.2013
Project Space Lucas Cuturi, Neustiftgasse 107/5, 1070 Vienna, Austria