2012 Together – Art & Design: Sissa Micheli


4th exhibition of the exhibition series “Together – Art & Design” a project of the Viennese furniture designer Nin Prantner in collaboration with the art historian and free Kuartor Lucas Cuturi.

Sissa Micheli is a storyteller. She leaves open the possibility for the viewer to make her own thoughts, her own interpretation a theme of her choice. These are, to put it in Adam Budak’s words, “of a strong cinematographic quality”. She always wanders between fact and fiction, as in her on-site work of writing intervention. Micheli reacts to the statement “ART BORES ME!” on the outer facade by an unknown sprayer with the statement “REALITY EXCITES ME!
Similar to photography, the artist tries to construct a positive out of the found negative. So she mixes reality with fiction and comes into contact with reality. Micheli doesn’t want her art to raise questions, but to give answers.
The second work to be seen in Nin Prantner’s show studio is entitled “THE CHAIR PROJECT – AN EXPERIMENT IN OPEN SPACE”. The work is a kind of sociological study based on empirical findings. It is a spontaneous performance by four friends of the artist. The aim was to observe the development of group dynamics, actions, movements and the conquest of space. The insights gained can be equated with the five stages of group development.
These are: 1. the orientation phase (forming), 2. the confrontation phase (storming), 3. the cooperation phase (norming), 4. the growth phase (performing) and 5. the dissolution phase (adjourning).
By extending the photo with the pencil drawing, the series also represents an attempt to dissolve the square or rectangle as a photographic product. Sissa Michelis says: “I have long wanted to go beyond this formal requirement, because our field of perception is not square or rectangular, but rather corresponds to that of an ellipse”.
In the basement you can see the video work “WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST NOISE”. It is a projection of three outside views of a house placed side by side in black and white, showing it from different angles. In addition, a female narrator describes the emotional state of the inhabitant, talks about her confusion, her fears and her love for her house and garden, as well as the associated retreat into its microcosm.

Text: Lucas Cuturi

Duration of exhibition: 01 March 2012 to 30 April 2012

Links: www.nin.atwww.sissamicheli.net